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The human body is composed of
25% solid matter, and 75% water!

The brain issue is said to consist of 85% water.

The water is a means of transport, and as a regulator. It is assumed in the medical field the water is well-regulated, based on the assumption that because water is so “freely” available that the body has no business in falling short of something so available.

This is an erroneous assumption, not everyone is consuming the readily available substance! We have not educated our children to drink water. They have become dependent on juice and soda, this is a self-imposed restriction on the bodies needs of water. They will not be able to detect “true thirst”.

The error in silencing the different signals of water shortages of the body with chemical products is immediately detrimental to the cells of the body.

The established signal-producing chronic dehydration also has a permanently damaging impact on subsequent descendants of the person.

There is a need to understand the signs of dehydration in the human body. This is will decrease the cost of falling ill.

Commonly science assumes “particular” substances are to be held responsible for causing disease. Accordingly, all treatments are palliative and none seems to be curative (except for bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics).

Hypertension is not cured; it is treated.
Asthma is not cured; it is treated.
Peptic ulcer is not cured; it is treated.
Allergy is not cured; it is treated.

Naturally, chronic dehydration of the body means persistent water shortage. Like any other deficiency disorder such as vitamin C, vitamin D you name it, the most efficient method of treatment of the disorders is by supplementation of the missing ingredient. Accordingly, if we begin to recognize the health complications to chronic dehydration, their prevention, and even early cure, becomes simple.



“you are not sick,
you are thirsty”



"The greatest tragedy in medical history is the fact that medical professionals have not understood the human body’s variety of call for water."

  -F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

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