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Have you ever heard “I wish I had known about….?” Common phrase used after the fact of millions of patents, didn’t know what was killing them or their loved ones.

Medically, this is the greatest time in the history of our planet. It’s tragic, however, that we wait until a person is either sick or has serious symptoms to use the marvelous diagnostic tools available.

Today we have a health industry that is completely based on treatment rather then healing.

Let me arm you with significant knowledge about our toxic environment.

Let me share some basic nutrition facts to support your wellness, prevent illness.

Protein Overload- consuming excess meat and protein (including milk products, cheeses, and eggs) congests the organs and cells. It lowers the pH of the tissues, making the cells constipated from protein overload.

Skip the Salt-salt is a dead food you should avoid. Most Americans eat between 10 and 20 grams of salt a day. Most of our food is processed, and it is loaded with salt. Salt can raise your blood pressure. Nearly 1 out of 4 Americans have high blood pressure-nearly 60 million people. Answer: Skip the processed foods! Drink eight glasses of filtered water daily!

Eggs and Allergies- Eggs, like dairy products, may cause allergies. They are great source of protein, yet when they’re cooked, the heating impacts the protein in such a way that you may not absorb or digest it well, and you may develop allergies or sensitivities to it.


Living Foods

Each year over 90% of your body is remade by the foods you eat.
Slow your eating process for proper digestion.
Don’t consume cold drinks with food.
Eating too much protein taxes your system and creates an acidic environment.
Protect your enzymes by eating live foods.
Avoid overcooked foods and processed foods.
Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables.
Greatly reduce sugar consumption.
Eliminate white, processed bread from your diet.
Eat whole grain breads.
Eat your fruits and juice your vegetables.
Get protein form small amounts of meat and larger amounts of legumes.

You need oil everyday. (Flaxseed, primrose, fish oil and extra virgin olive oil are excellent.
Have a cleansing drink everyday! (Isagenix) 1)


1) includes alfalfa-full of healthy minerals
2) 70+Ionic trace minerals

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