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Karen Malone , CPT   Lori Poulin Erinn Cayehal BA, CYT  
Lori has been “exercising” all of her life; as a young toddler she started dancing and continued through her life; as a freshman in high school she taught dance and gymnastics, which lead to teaching aerobics in college and becoming a personal trainer. She has been a director of fitness at a local gym, an international presenter to other fitness professionals, been a guest instructor at many 5-star resorts in the Caribbean islands, a fitness consultant to LL Beans and UNUM, and owned a health & fitness studio in the Old Port for several years. Health and fitness is her passion and she truly believes that it is her “calling in life” to educate people on living their lives as healthy as they can. “The right balance of diet and exercise are key ingredients for a happy and successful life,” Lori says.

Lori believes that the benefits of a good diet and exercise include much more than a cosmetic appeal. Along with the obvious health improvements, they range from the natural anti-aging variables of improved skin tone and elasticity, increase in strength, correction in posture, and the important psychological factors of greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

She has been researching vitamins, minerals, and supplements for years and believes that there is not time enough in a day to eat all that we should to protect us from the toxins and health issues that are so prevalent today. She has found that Isagenix products, combined with a very healthy diet and exercise, are the best thing anyone can do for themselves. “Believe me, I’ve been researching for years, and they have the best whey protein, vitamins and minerals around; it’s nutritionally-complete “superfood”.

Lori has a BS in Management, is a certified personal trainer and holds over a dozen certifications in various fitness teaching techniques including yoga, mat pilates, kickboxing and boot camp. She lives in Cumberland with her husband Chris and three children: Taylor, Nick, and Bryce.

Achievements & Training
 BS in Management
Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications in various fitness teaching techniques       including yoga, mat pilates, kickboxing and boot       camp


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